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Thanks to all who helped!

With heartfelt gratitude, Pond Mountain Trust proudly announces the successful acquisition of the 12-acre Harper Lot on July 6th. Gaining perpetual preservation for this property, made possible through the remarkable generosity of numerous contributors, is a momentous achievement.


This parcel holds important conservation value as it serves to cement the connection between the 800-acre Pond Mountain Natural Area and the expansive 2,300 acres of Macedonia State Park. Additionally, its proximity to other protected lands under the stewardship of organizations such as the National Park Service, Kent Land Trust, Sharon Land Trust, and the NW CT Land Conservancy, further consolidates it as an integral part of The Macedonia Forest Block Important Bird Area. Named by The Nature Conservancy as one of Connecticut's "last great places," this special area stands as a testament to the irreplaceable wonders of nature.

We extend our deepest appreciation to all those who wholeheartedly joined us and lent their invaluable support to this endeavor. It is through your unwavering dedication that Pond Mountain Trust will preserve this land for posterity, creating a sanctuary where future generations can forge their own connections with the outdoors and honor the memory of James Tufts Pener. Jamie's adoration for nature was kindled amidst the woods and fields of Pond Mountain. Our hope is that this land will inspire others to emulate his reverence for the natural world and join us in its protection.

Stay tuned for news and updates as we work to integrate this wonderful addition into Pond Mountain Natural Area.

Annie Adams and Dan Chiasson

Joanna Alexander & Kyle Johnson

Joy Alferness

Mary Anderson

Scott and Kate Anderson

Samuel and Kitty Arie

Catherine Bachrach

Darcy Bacon

Sarah Bacon

Jill Bassett

Eliza Beckwith

Susan Beeson

Elizabeth Bellin

Michael Benjamin

Robert and Suzette Berkey

Monty and Fran Besmer

Nikhil and Kunika Bhojwani

Shannon Blanton
Antoinise Brice

Grace Buchanan

Ciara Burnham

Win and Barbara Burr

Steven Burwell

Margaret Canniff

Michael Caporizzo

Joan Casey

Amelia Cason

Tina Cassidy and Anthony Flint

Joe and Sara Cerrell

Deborah Chambrian & Ed Martinez

Darrell Cherniske

Kathryn Clair

Mary Clancey

Colin Clarke

Jeff and Christa Collins

Mariana Cook

Ellen Corsell

Jamie Costello

Francis and Betty Couvares

Oona Coy

Donald Cramer

Aaron and Adrianne Davenport

Morgan and Tiffany Deal

Dave and Margaret DeBruin

Margaret Diaz

Beth Dooley

Kenneth and Jackie Dooley

Sam and Debbi Dooley

Alan Dybner

Alexander Ely

Benjamin Etherington

Lara Fitch

Katie Flynn

Amanda Fox

Carol Franken

Steven Friedman and Valentine Burr

Dan and Darcy Frisch

Dan and Darcy Frisch

Elizabeth Galvin​

Thomas Galvin

Dan Gingert

Ira Goldspiel

Maria Grace

Elizabeth Greenwood

Agnes Gund

Tom Ryan and Ellen Gutierrez

Fred and Caroline Hagen

Peter and Abigail Hanby

Peter Hansen

Joanna Herrera

Jeffrey Herrmann

Lisa Hoadley

Tom and Marty Holcombe

Ellen and Jean Marie Horovitz

Preble Jaques & Jessica Shattuck

Alex Jarislowsky and Kevin Snow

John Johnson

Jesse and Claire Johnson

Walter and Peggy Jones

Kenneth and Anna Juster

Seth and Rachel Kalvert

Katherine Kane

Francie and Jon Karlen 

Rebecca Katz

Kate Kelderman

Julie King

Barbara Koegel

Jennifer Kordell and Tim Moran

Vincent and Maria LaFontan

Ronald Leal

Mary LeBlanc

Geoff Smith and Jamie Levitt

Roger and Florence Liddell

Bobby and Wendi Love
Emma Lozman

Jennifer Luning

Dave Mallison

Clara Markowicz

Sarah Marshall

Jessica Masters and Rikus Lombard

Rick and Lisa Matchett

Tatiana Maxwell

Paul McCarron

Hilary McClellen

Sharon McGuire

Amy Mellen

Emily Miles Terry

Mark and Rebecca Moore

Emily Moore

Anne Mortara

Braden and Julia Neff

Kathleen Nolan

Caitlin O'Neil

Aaron and Marisa O’Toole

Anne O’Toole Salinas & Carlos Salinas

Julia Parker

Joe Pelletier

Anne Pener

Degen Pener and Eric Bushard

Mark Pener and Katie Bacon

Steve Pener and Christine Sinclair

Phillip Perez

Heather Perrault

Donald Petry

Dave and Cindy Phipps

Adam Pomerantz and Joanne Robinson 

Betsy Renwick

Bill and Olivia Reyelt

Lygeia Ricciardi

Ben and Donna Rosen

Ronald Sandler and Emily Mann

Dylan and Candice Schiesel

Lorry Schiesel

Melissa Schipul

Jill Scholsohn

Brett Schwartz

Katherine Seib

Eileen Shields-West

Margaret Smith

Damian and Erin Sorce

Owen and Molly Stearns

Kathleen Stewart

Sage Stossel

Donna Summers

Joe Terrell

Eli Thompson and Deborah Raisner

Alex and Mary Anne Toppan

Alejandra Traub 

Omri and Flora Traub

Herb and Nancy Tully

Michael Ward

John and Erika Werner

Andrew Wilson and Jennifer Kranz Wilson

Cassandra Worthington

Maggie Wray

Bibie Wu

Jess Yagid

Nick and Lynn Zerbib

Amanda Zucker

Gretchen Zucker

The Brookline Greenspace Alliance

The Brothers Brook Foundation

Connecticut Land Conservation Council

The Gimon d’Ansembourg Foundation

The Kent Land Trust

The Seth MacFarlane Foundation

Charles and Anne Murphy Memorial Fund

Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy

The Rattner Family Foundation

Watercolors by Shannon Blanton

In Honor of Jamie Pener

In honor of their 18-year-old son, Jamie, whose life was tragically cut short by a car accident last year, Mark Pener and Katie Bacon matched our first $100,000 worth of donations. Visits to Pond Mountain during his childhood helped Jamie grow into an avid outdoorsman; he hiked the 7-mile Macedonia State Park loop at age 7 and by age 14 had hiked all 46 peaks above 4,000 feet in the Adirondacks. Jamie is deeply missed by his family and many friends—he was the best of us.

“We find great comfort being in the woods, enjoying nature, and thinking about him. Katie and I would love to honor Jamie by continuing Myra Hopson’s legacy.” - Mark Pener

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